Christian Deschênes

General manager

An expert in home renovation since 2001, Christian knows all the ins- and outs of home construction and renovation in its minute details. He undertakes large-scale projects with the same attention to detail and passion for a job well done, as smaller, more detailed projects. A kitchen specialist of many different styles, his broad experience gives him an overall vision and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of his clients’ projects, assisting them throughout the realization of their dream.

Jean-Pierre Laramée

Director of operations

Commitment, punctuality, experience. These are the values that Jean-Pierre has brought to his customers for nearly 20 years. His analytical mind and direction quickly turn your ideas into concrete and tangible realizations.

Simon Laramée

Project director

Simon has been building and renovating since he was 16 years old. Over the years, he has accumulated many personal and professional projects. Together since 2009 with his brother Jean-Pierre, Simon knows how to combine his strengths with those of his business partners. For Simon, Bröder represents the culmination of a life’s project. He puts himself in his client’s shoes, guiding and accompanying them as their project approaches fruition.

Geneviève Pelletier