Bathroom Components

Carreaux de céramique

Ceramic tiles and tiles

Floor and wall coverings can take many different forms: ceramic, porcelain, granite, quartz, marble, stone, slate, glass, etc., as well as a variety of colors and different textures, in glossy or matte finishes. Design considerations and ease of maintenance must also be considered. Combine beauty and efficiency by choosing a non-slip tile for the bathroom, opt for easy maintenance stain-resistant grout, and set the tone by using decorative inserts. Planning your project becomes a creative experience!


Countertops and surfaces of all kinds

A world of choice awaits you. Our team can advise you on the materials best suited for your situation. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes, all of impeccable quality. Opt for a simple, classic surface, or dare to be different!

Robinetterie salle de bain

Quality hassle-free faucets

For many years of reliable operation, opt for quality and low maintenance faucets. Our years of experience have allowed us to determine their durability, and we can advise you about the right products for your project.

verre de douche

Custom Shower Glass maintenance

The optional Nanofusion protective water repellant glass coating makes your shower virtually free from cleaning. No more scale build-up, soap scum, stains, and hard water traces. The application of the coating is performed during the manufacture of the glass, directly at the factory making it so smooth that nothing sticks to it. You will quickly understand why after you’ve had your first cleaning experience – you won’t want anything else!

Barrier-free Showers

Increasingly popular, barrier-free ceramic showers offer a clean and modern look, offering marvelous beauty and design simplicity. A linear drain, camouflaged or not, located centrally or along the wall, is integrated into the overall installation. Let our staff show you if such an installation is possible in your home.

Plancher chauffant salle de bain

Heated floor

Increasingly used for their comfort and their space saving features, heated floors offer soothing radiant heat. From the positive feedback from customers who have already chosen heated flooring, not one has regretted their decision. Ask our staff to explain the benefits to you.

Éclairage salle de bain

Surface or recessed mood lighting

Of the utmost importance, the lighting in your newly renovated space must not be overlooked. You will find a variety of models in our store to meet your needs. Let our designers suggest the best possible arrangement to create the desired mood, and reveal the beauty of your new layout!