Bathroom materials

bathroom granite


The granite countertop is made of all-natural stone. A noble and elegant material, stylish and with limitless diversity, granite creates an exceptional counter. It is highly resistant to shock, scratch and heat, but its porosity requires annual sealant application.

Laminate materials


The laminate countertop comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, and attractive patterns. Laminate is easy to maintain and is an economical choice for a counter. With a color palette that constantly changes, and offering patterns imitating stone with surprising results, laminate countertops can be easily integrated into any decor.

Woods materials


The wooden counter possesses remarkable beauty and versatility, and enhances any decor with its warmth and authenticity. Whether it is a simple wood addition into a counter, to other materials, such as a countertop or as a main counter, wood adapts to the most demanding tastes and requirements.

kitchen quartz countertops


The quartz counter is composed of 93% natural quartz and 7% pigments and a resinous binder. In addition to its durability and resistance to scratches, quartz is known for its antibacterial properties. Originating from environmentally responsible manufacturing, quartz is non-porous and does not require the application of a sealant.

solid wood materials

Solid wood

Cabinets made of solid wood are both warm and timeless, possessing the beauty and prestige of this noble material. Our partner manufacturer offers a wide range of wood species, available in a wide variety of colors. We can even develop custom colors to offer you the unique bathroom that you are looking for.

''To create is likewise to give a shape to one's destiny''

Albert Camus

melamine materials


Melamine was widely used as a material in bathroom cabinets in the 80s. Today, this material has evolved and deserves to be rediscovered both for its versatility and its very competitive price. Melamine has many advantages including ease of maintenance and resistance to heat and scratches. Modern and contemporary designs reflecting the latest trends can be achieved with this versatile material.

Wood veneer

Wood veneer

The wood veneer cabinet is an ecological alternative to solid wood, with a spectacular final result. Veneer possesses the same advantages as solid wood, such as its warmth, ease of maintenance, and an infinite choice of colors. More resistant than solid wood to humidity, the wood veneer cabinet is available in many wood species to offer varied bathroom designs that are friendly and inspiring.

European laminate

European laminate

European laminate cabinets are particularly appreciated for their resistance and ease of maintenance. Its natural texture blends perfectly with other materials such as polymer, to create a unique and original décor. Its Zen atmosphere and sleek look of the European laminate cabinet make it a perfect choice in the design of modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Polymer materials


The polymer cabinet offers a wide range of possibilities, and is available in many different colors and surface finishes. In a glossy finish, polymer is one of the most affordable materials on the market. In a matte finish, it often resembles wood. Following research and technological advancements, the polymer cabinet is a result of a process which comprises molding a synthetic film onto an MDF panel. In terms of design, it is particularly popular for modern and contemporary styles.

Polyester materials


The polyester cabinet offers a wide choice of colors and popular finishes. It is easy to maintain, and resistant to heat and humidity. It allows the creation of many décor styles, exhibiting the visual characteristics of wood. The polyester bathroom cabinet is an excellent choice to impart an elegant and refined look to any bathroom.

Opaque lacquer materials

Opaque lacquer

Opaque lacquer cabinets are available in various surface-finish levels from matte to high gloss, as well as offering an almost infinite choice of colors. This material can be used to easily create whatever style is desired. Applied as paint, it can be developed in custom colors. Opaque lacquer is just as perfect for traditional projects as it is for something more daring. Moreover, it can be applied to a wide variety of materials such as MDF or wood cabinet doors, and its many fine layers of paint ensure a perfectly smooth, uniform, and very resistant finish.

"Design is thought made visible"

Saul Bass

SimiLaque materials


SimiLaque offered by Cuisine Bröder is a first in North America, thanks to our partner, Miralis. SimiLaque possesses an ultra matte finish and is revolutionary, offering a host of benefits for modern and contemporary bathrooms. A product on the cutting edge of technology with easy maintenance, it is resistant to scratches, humidity and heat, and doesn’t show fingerprints. Finally, SimiLaque has a unique nanotechnology property which permits repairs using an ordinary clothes iron.