Christian Deschênes

General manager

An expert in home renovation since 2001, Christian knows all the ins- and outs of home construction and renovation in its minute details. He undertakes large-scale projects with the same attention to detail and passion for a job well done, as smaller, more detailed projects. A kitchen specialist of many different styles, his broad experience gives him an overall vision and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of his clients’ projects, assisting them throughout the realization of their dream.

Jean-Pierre Laramée

Director of operations

Commitment, punctuality, experience. These are the values that Jean-Pierre has brought to his customers for nearly 20 years. His analytical mind and direction quickly turn your ideas into concrete and tangible realizations.

Simon Laramée

Project director

Simon has been building and renovating since he was 16 years old. Over the years, he has accumulated many personal and professional projects. Together since 2009 with his brother Jean-Pierre, Simon knows how to combine his strengths with those of his business partners. For Simon, Bröder represents the culmination of a life’s project. He puts himself in his client’s shoes, guiding and accompanying them as their project approaches fruition.

Aurélien Laillé

Aurélien Laillé

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Nathalie Barlow


Versatile, Nathalie is responsible for welcoming and informing clients in the showroom, she is also in charge of organizational coordination, marketing and social media. Involved in every projects, her main goal, which she shares with the rest of the team, is to provide clients with a memorable experience from start to finish. His sense of empathy and his understanding of customer needs are reflected in the company’s philosophy.

Geneviève Pelletier


Energetic and dedicated, Geneviève will definitly charm her clients thanks to her contagious passion. Her 19 years of experience as a kitchen designer, her great creativity and vision allow her to create the best possible layout, whatever the project. Very attentive to her clients, she always shows frankness in her relations, qualities greatly appreciated in any renovation process.

Patricia Hallé

Kitchen designer

Pushing the limits of design and bringing out the personality of its customers through their new decor, this is the kind of mandate in which Patricia excels. With seven years of experience as a kitchen designer, she approaches each of her projects with overwhelming enthusiasm. Patricia has a great sense of empathy and sensitivity that allows her to fully understand the needs of her clients.

Claudy Deschênes

Kitchen designer

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Serge Thériault

Technical director

When it comes to making bespoke kitchens, Serge is considered a true benchmark. Already, around the age of 18, he was introduced to the manufacture of high-end kitchens, and since then he has touched all facets of production, until becoming the director of a manufacturing plant. His knowledge and skills are invaluable. At Bröder, he is responsible for the technical department, order management and measurement verification. If everyone appreciates his knowledge, Serge is above all an endearing man who is a pleasure to meet.

Kimberly Sorochina

Technical coordonator

What drives Kimberly professionally is finding solutions to design problems. She enjoys solving puzzles, thinking further to find innovative and applicable ideas that optimize functionality. Professional, rigorous and organized, she is responsible for producing technical drawings for the production of projects. Her attentiveness and her availability are appreciated by all, she is a loyal and dedicated teammate. With a calm temperament, although she is rather discreet and reserved, she is always up for a little improvised evening with colleagues.

Suzanne Beaulieu

Administrative assistant

Hardworking and dedicated, Suzanne undertakes all the tasks entrusted to her with rigor and enthusiasm. Early riser, she is always the first to arrive in the morning and she never loses her benevolent smile. You can count on her in all circumstances, she is an outstanding collaborator who takes the company’s success to heart.

Guy Désorcy


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Robert Désorcy

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Domenico Iurescia

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