Custom Furniture

Unité audio sur mesure

Audio/video unit

Do you have an idea in mind for a unit? Share it with us – we are able to assist you in designing your custom furniture down to every last detail.

bibliotheque sur mesure


Do your books need an exhibition space all their own? A specific height to be accommodated in your room? Ask and you shall receive.

custom furniture

Various Storage Units

Computer area, workstation, desk, shelves or floating shelves. We offer solutions for all your needs.

Armoires sur mesure

Laundry Cabinets

Maximize the space in your laundry room with a counter, and storage cabinets above the washer/dryer. Install a broom cupboard or a custom storage unit. Voila! Suddenly, a more free and functional space.

Mobilier de garde-robe sur mesure

Closet units and walk-ins

We have a wide range of furniture for your closet or walk-in, as well as a multitude of storage accessories. Planning the effectiveness of your space becomes an inspiring work of design and calculation to scale. Be involved at the conception stage of your storage space project, before actually enjoying it in your home.


Counters of all kinds

Learn about all the available surface options, their advantages and qualities before making a decision. Benefit from our considerable expertise in this matter.